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Outreach Initiatives

We provide afterschool programs free of charge to children and families in underserved communities in the Austin area. Our outreach initiatives ensure that our programs reach children who have limited or no access to quality out-of-school time opportunities.

Our outreach programs focus on the strengthening of community connections and youth development of critical lifeskills, such as leadership, collaboration, problem-solving, cross-cultural communication, and innovative and critical thinking. Our approach uses music and the arts as an interactive teaching tool to inspire young minds with enriching, immersive cultural experiences and as a platform for children and families to build stronger, more engaged communities.

Why It Matters

Afterschool hours are a time of day when children are most at-risk for falling behind—academically as well as socially. Idleness, boredom, and lack of supervision leave young minds vulnerable to isolation and risky behaviors. Studies show that children who are enrolled in high-quality afterschool programs perform better academically, develop positive social skills and study habits, and show more interest and engagement in learning.

Our outreach initiatives provide safe and productive afterschool environments for young minds to thrive and develop critical lifeskills that will help them succeed in the future. Our programs contribute to the development of youth into responsible, engaged citizens and the building of stronger, more connected communities.


All children deserve access to high-quality afterschool experiences and opportunities.

Your generous support ensures that we can provide our programs free of charge to families in underserved communities in Austin.