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What We Do

We empower communities by providing creative opportunities for young minds to develop the critical lifeskills needed to be successful and for children and families to build meaningful connections with one another. We do this through enriching cultural programs that combine hands-on music and arts learning with exciting explorations of different cultures, traditions, and perspectives. We offer our programs through in-school workshops, afterschool classes, outreach initiatives, and community engagement activities. 


Our Initiatives


We provide high-quality, enriching afterschool opportunities free of charge and onsite to children and families in communities with limited or no access to such programs. Our children’s programs focus on community engagement and youth development of critical lifeskills necessary for them to succeed in their professional and personal lives in the future.



We regularly provide family-oriented, kid-friendly arts and music classes, meet-ups, and workshops free and open to the broader Austin community. These activities provide fun opportunities for children and families to participate in the arts, engage in their local communities, and learn about different music, cultures, and traditions from around the world.



We support broader community engagement in the arts by leading outreach opportunities for local artists, musicians, and community members to share meaningful arts and music experiences with underserved communities in Austin. Our programs encourage people to become more actively involved and participate in endeavors that directly impact them and those close to them.


Our Approach

We believe music and the arts are a unique platform for growing minds to develop the critical skills and community connections necessary to be successful in today’s global society. Our enriching music and culture programs guide youth to cultivate a greater appreciation for diverse cultures, develop confidence and skills in collaboration, leadership, and communication, and grow into thriving members of their communities.

All proceeds from our paid programs are used to fund programs free of charge to children and families in underserved communities in Austin.
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