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Family Programs

Artly World Nonprofit engages the broader community by providing fun, music-focused family programs for kids and families to enjoy together. Our family programs are an opportunity for participants to experience true quality time with their loved ones, away from the stress, distraction, and screens that plague us every single day. Through creative explorations of music, culture, and the arts, we inspire families to be present in the moment and provide a platform for them to bond and build cherished memories with their loved ones.

Why it Matters

When is the last time you and your family spent real quality time together, away from all the distractions of screens, work, TV, and the stress of today’s fast-paced, technology-driven society?

Let’s face it: Too often the “quality” time we spend with our families is not quality at all. We sit scrolling through feeds and checking emails while our kids stream videos and play games on their tablets. You might call it “presence without being present.”

Our family programs are a chance for families to unplug, destress, and be completely immersed in the moment with one another. Loved ones laugh together, play together, and build stronger bonds together through fun, game-like music and movement activities. The only investment is a short period of time, but the returns— the, joy, the laughter, the memories — will last a lifetime.

Family Fun Events

Our Family Fun Events are kid-friendly, all ages, exciting explorations of music and culture for kids and families to enjoy together. This is interactive family music entertainment like you’ve never experienced! Families are at the center of the event, having fun and creating the experience together through hands-on activities including dancing, playing instruments, singing songs, and enjoying music games.

These events are led by expert interactive performers who specialize engaging all-ages audiences through fun group-based music and movement activities. Activities are kid and family friendly, an immersive experience for the whole family to enjoy! All are able to participate, have fun, and create memories they’ll treasure for a long time.


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